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Welcome to Obatron Fitness! Just as our other lines offer recreation for the mind, this line offers recreation for the body in the form of exercise.

Classes are offered in Greece (Rochester), NY and are focused on groups of 10 or fewer to allow for personalized attention. We also offer online coaching and one-on-one training on a case-by-case basis.

Co-owner and instructor, Vickey Beaver, is certified by AAFA in group exercise instruction. She’s an avid walker and runner with personal experience in weight loss, road racing, and a variety of exercise options as a participant and instructor.

Keep an eye on the Facebook events page for class schedules and like our Facebook page to be kept in the loop.

Programs Offered

Before beginning any exercise program, participants should be cleared by a medical doctor to participate. Exercising is essential to good health, but carries inherent risks as does any physical activity. All programs include modifications to accommodate each individual’s current fitness level and abilities. 

We’re constantly evolving to meet client needs and keep offerings fresh. Following are examples of programs available or upcoming. Programs typically run 6-8 weeks. Pricing varies and usually ranges from $30-50.

Aerobic Beat – Combines drumming on exercise balls with aerobic movements (sense of rhythm not required).
Aerobic Step – Classic exercises using traditional aerobic steps set to music from a wide range of styles.
Beyond the Miles – Designed for walkers and runners to reduce risk of injury related to those activities.
Fit Mix – A hybrid class mixing a group warm-up with solo challenge exercises, followed by a rotation through a variety of stations working with another participant, and ending with a cool-down, all in 45 minutes.
Ready for 5K – Targets three groups: those wishing to increase current walking or walk-running distance so that they can participate in a 5K (3.1 miles), those desiring to shorten their walk-run time for that distance, and those wanting to remove walk breaks over the course of a 5K.
Walking for Fitness – For the casual to avid walker who wants a regular workout, complete with a warm-up, cool-down, and information about the practice.


“[Vickey brings] a fabulous mix of technical info and enthusiasm to getting more active. Vickey’s groups are truly ready for a spectrum of fitness levels & goals! Bonuses for fun company.” -Jenny O., Nurse

“Vickey Beaver is awesome! Great inspiration. Very dedicated, knowledgeable, and motivational!” – Elyse W., Nurse

“Great class last night, Vickey. Amazing to feel the muscles today that I typically felt were strong enough.” Wendy F., Physical Therapist

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