We’ve had amazing luck working with incredibly talented people. We have great respect for the artists who have fulfilled commissions for our debut line, Tunse’al RPG.

This list shows the folks who created illustrations of everything from races from scratch (no previous concept art) to transport vehicles to landscapes to weapons to animals to plants. They did it all.

If you have need of artwork, at risk of them getting too busy to work on Obatron Productions’ commissions, we are happy to say these folks are easy to work with and deliver what they promise.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the musical artist behind our trailers. We don’t think Artem Bank has ever met a challenge he wasn’t willing to give a shot. With a handful of references and some explicit requirements, he composed and produced music that was designed specifically for Tunse’al. Like with the visual artists, we take the risk of him getting to busy for us by giving Artem a glowing reference. Need custom music? Check him out.