Event and Program Support

We love to support conventions, game clubs, and related programs!

If you are a representative of a convention, game club, library program, or another entity wishing to spread the joy of gaming, we welcome you to contact us. We actively support small conventions and are open to new relationships to expand our reach while helping a good cause.

A Hypothetical Q & A
What does that mean? Typically, we offer free PDFs and discounts to conventions. We’re putting together a support pack for game clubs, library programs, and the like, which is free of charge for electronic products.

Why would you give your stuff away for free? Simple. We want people to know about us and our products and doing something for non-profit groups who can’t afford to buy our products is a great way to do that while experiencing a warm fuzzy. We like warm fuzzies.

So you’re just hoping to make money off these folks, right? Well, yes and no. We are a business. We have to buy stuff to make stuff and we want paid for our efforts, like most people who go to a regular day job and get a paycheck. So yes, we want to make money. But no, we’re not expecting a direct return from everyone who benefits. We hope that one day when the kids get jobs of their own, the adults have a little more discretionary funds, the programs get grants, and the conventions grow large enough to create a bucket in their accounting systems for prizes and swag that they’ll remember what difference our contributions made and consider buying from us or bartering for advertising, running our games, etc. as appropriate.