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We are a company in the early stages of offering products from three branches, which all revolve around creativity. They are: Obatron Tabletop Games Obatron Fiction, and Obatron Express Lines.

Tunse’al RPG is based on our original tribal fantasy world and provides setting and scenario information for role-playing games. Not everyone has the time or desire to figure out what to do for “this week’s” adventure. We want to take some of the work out of the process for you. Products are available in two varieties: Savage Worlds and Systemless. Savage Worlds versions require Savage Worlds rules while the Systemless version offers charts to help the industrious GM convey our intended difficulties and level of powers to whichever system he or she chooses.

Obatron Fiction will feature short stories and poetry to take you worlds away. Material is not necessarily related to any RPG setting. However, it is launching with Savage Insider, formerly published by Mystical Throne Entertainment.

Express Lines will offer personalized writing services for many purposes. Whether you are looking for someone to write a niche article, want to surprise someone with a story written especially for them, or would love something crafted for your RPG character, we might just be able to help. Writing and editing services will also be available to RPG industry companies in a similar manner as temp services provide in broader business.