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Just as our other lines offer recreation for the mind, this line offers recreation for the body in the form of exercise.

Before beginning any exercise program, participants should be cleared by a medical doctor to participate. Exercising is essential to good health, but carries inherent risks as does any physical activity. All programs include modifications to accommodate each individual’s current fitness level and abilities. 

Where and Who

Classes are offered in or near Greece (Rochester), NY and are focused on groups of 10 or fewer to allow for personalized attention. We also offer online coaching and personal coaching on a case-by-case basis.

Co-owner and instructor, Vickey Beaver, obtained her certification in group exercise instruction from AAFA and her certification as a running coach from RRCA as a running coach. She’s an avid walker and runner with personal experience in weight loss, road racing, and a variety of exercise options as a participant and instructor.

While many coaches and programs target those who are already fit and are looking to get stronger, faster, etc., our clients fall across the whole spectrum of age and ability, from people who are inactive and carrying twice their recommended body weight to those whose jobs keep them moving non-stop and everyone in between. Some of our clients are regular runners while others would rather pull out their eyelashes than go for a quarter-mile run.

Offering Categories

Programs are found in one of three series formats: Indoor, Outdoor, and Personal Coaching and Goal Getting as shown in Program Descriptions. We offer seven training series a year. Those follow.

New Year, New Adventure
Conquering Winter
Spring is in the Air
Ready for Summer
The Heat is On
Fall for Fitness
Attitude of Gratitude

Group Exercise

Group exercise classes are designed for small groups of ten or fewer people to allow for personalized instruction. All are offered in-person either at the coach’s private home studio, in public spaces, or in a client’s location, such as an office or church.

Indoor Series

Indoor classes offered in the instructor’s private home studio are designed for 4-10 people. They cover a range of options, all of which are customized on the fly when students express they have any particular concern, a tight back or stiff hip, for example. Classes are available throughout the day.

Outdoor Series

Some, like Ready for 5K, are hybrids, where the group meets regularly and gets a pre-designed program, but then can work with the instructor to customize the appropriate plan for their individual lives. Others, like Speed Boost, have everyone doing the same things, but at levels that are appropriate to the individuals.

“Ready for…” group sessions are offered most often on Saturday mornings. Supporting classes, like Speed Boost, are generally offered during the week.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one instruction is tailored to individual goals, whether for running, walking, or general fitness. Personal Coaching coaching covers everything from helping to keep a person on track when they’re following their own programs to designing a running program for an individual’s personal fitness goals. Offered remotely (online) and in-person.

Goal Getting

Available as a remote (online) option only, Goal Getters allows individuals to choose what goal(s) they’d like to get. We offer tracking and support; they set their goals and provide us corresponding data over a period of weeks.

Program Descriptions

Keep an eye on the Facebook events page for class schedules and like our Facebook page to be kept in the loop. Registration is handled through RunSignUp.com for all in-person offerings. Remote offerings are paid for through our Personal Coaching and Private Group Class page with a link subsequently emailed for registration completion.

We’re constantly evolving to meet client needs and keep offerings fresh. Following are programs we may offer. Not all options are available at all times.

General exercise programs typically run 4-6 weeks and cost $30-50. Group race readiness (Ready for…) programs run 6-18 weeks and cost $45-165. Personal coaching is offered on a 4-week basis and costs $20-100 remotely or $80-300 in-person. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Always check the registration page fore each series for current costs.

Indoor Series (Small Groups)

Aerobic Beat – Combines drumming on exercise balls with aerobic movements for a full-body, low-impact workout. Sense of rhythm optional. (55 minutes)
Beyond the Miles – Designed for walkers and runners to reduce risk of injury related to those activities. (45 minutes)
Fit Mix– A hybrid class mixing a group warm-up with solo challenge exercises, followed by a rotation through a variety of stations working with another participant, and ending with a cool-down. (45 minutes)
Hardcore Core
– This class is designed to focus on core muscle groups to go beyond the surface. We’ll experience a wide range of motions to engage your body and mind. Look forward to interactive challenges, familiar moves, and fresh takes on core exercises! (45 minutes)
Lunchtime Mini Workout (LMW) – Short on time and looking for a serious workout? Our Lunchtime Mini Workout allows you to go as hard as you want or modify to your personal needs. (30 minutes)
Runner’s Focus – This class concentrates on exercises that benefit your running. It integrates stretches, stability, and strength training to complement your running training regimen. (45 minutes)
Sample Pack – You’ll get the chance to try one workout each of  Aerobic Beat, Beyond the Miles, Fit Mix, and Hardcore Core during four-pack (four-week) sessions. Five-pack sessions include Step Aerobics. Six-pack sessions add Stretch Yourself. (45 minutes)
Step Aerobics – Classic aerobic movements using with or without the aid of an aerobic step set to music from a wide range of styles. (55 minutes)
Stretch Yourself – Stretch Yourself incorporates influences from yoga, physical therapy, and classic, general-fitness exercises to provide a low-impact, gentle experience. Participants looking to focus on stability, flexibility, and releasing tension may enjoy the variety of techniques used. (45 minutes)

Outdoor Series (Small Groups or Remote)

Ready for… – All Ready for Sessions are open to those wishing to increase current walking or walk-running distance so that they can participate in a longer distance route (whether racing or not), those desiring to shorten their walk-run time for that distance, those wanting to remove walk breaks over the course of the desired distance, and those who already run without breaks. Some sessions require a specific base mileage for participation.

Programs include a minimum of three walking or running workouts per week and incorporate rest days and complementary exercise assignments of your choosing.

Ready for… programs are offered in person at specific times of the year and remotely throughout the year. These are not the same as personal coaching, even when purchased as a remote option at this site rather than as an in-person option via RunSignUp. They do provide weekly contact with the coach and connection via a Facebook group to any other clients who are taking any of our training opportunities at the time. (In person and remote.)

Distance Options:

Ready for 5K/5 Miles/10K
Ready for 10 Miles/Half Marathon
Ready for Marathon/50K

Speed Boost – If you’re looking to boost your speed for walking, walk-running, or running, consider this program. Open to walkers, walk-runners, and runners of any pace. In person only.
Walking for Fitness – For the casual to avid walker who wants a regular workout, complete with a warm-up, cool-down, and information about the practice. In person only.

Personal Coaching and Goal Getting Series (Individuals Only)

Personal Coaching – Three levels to suit your fitness style, budget, availability, and goals: Coaching Light (remote only), Coaching Standard, and Coaching Plus. All personal, coach-developed plans take into consideration your commitments and activities for training load and scheduling purposes. The higher level of coaching you request, the more detailed your plan will be and the more regular access to the coach you will have.

Coaching Standard and Coaching Plus are available remotely (virtual) or in-person. All in-person options include one weekly in-person coached session, which may be alongside group clients or one-on-one, depending upon mutual client and coach availability. Registration required by the Wednesday of the last month before each new session for an on-time start. Sessions begin the first Monday of every month and are not pro-rated.

Coaching Light is for participants who already have their own plan, but who want the support of a coach to keep them accountable. If participants need a plan, but still want only a light version of coaching, that’s an option, too. Includes an initial consultation. Your coach will check in with you via email each week.

Coaching Standard includes an initial consultation, which takes place soon after registration, and a schedule for your goals (maximum 18-weeks at a time; additional scheduling will be outline well in advance, but later in training for any needs beyond 18 weeks). The schedule will include a minimum of three distance workouts, a menu of complementary workout options to support your distance goals, and rest days. Your coach will check in with you via email twice each week and you will be invited to the Facebook group for people who are training with us during your session(s).

Coaching Plus adds to Coaching Standard by offering additional support  and communication. Examples: Emails with links to videos and articles specific to the your goals and queries; responses to queries outside the weekly check-ins within 24 hours, except on Sundays, holidays, and vacations; option for a private telemeeting up to once a week. Includes a personalized race day plan that starts with what to do in the days immediately preceding your race, the day of the race, and recovery afterwards. If you are not racing, all the same things will be done for the day you would reach your target distance. If you are remote, you will be offered to “sit in” on one in-person session via the Facebook group or other means on a weekly basis.

Continuation months are available for all three coaching options at a reduced price.

Goal Getters (New starting January 2022) – Digital support and tracking for the goal of your choice! Popular goals include reducing a percentage of weight, increasing the number of times a week of exercise, or adding (or subtracting) something to the weekly diet. You will also get an invitation to the private Facebook group specific to Goal Getters. Registration required by the Wednesday of the last month before each new session for an on-time start. Sessions begin the first Monday of every month and are not pro-rated.


“[Vickey brings] a fabulous mix of technical info and enthusiasm to getting more active. Vickey’s groups are truly ready for a spectrum of fitness levels & goals! Bonuses for fun company.” -Jenny O., Nurse

“Vickey Beaver is awesome! Great inspiration. Very dedicated, knowledgeable, and motivational!” – Elyse W., Nurse

“Great class last night, Vickey. Amazing to feel the muscles today that I typically felt were strong enough.” Wendy F., Physical Therapist