Savage Worlds Licensees

To coincide with our support for all Savage Worlds licensees and their products, we have put together a comprehensive list of available settings and series from the different licensees.

12 to Midnight
Pinebox [Modern Horror]

Adamant Entertainment
MARS [Pulp Sci-Fi]
Thrilling Tales [Pulp]

Apathy Games
Temporal Probability Agency [Modern Action]

Arc Dream Publishing
The Kerberos Club [Victorian Superhero]

Alternate Realities Publications
Big Bang Ricochet [Modern Warfare, WWI, WWII]

Atomic Overmind Press
The Day After Ragnarok [Post-Apocalyptic]

Battlefield Press
Gaslight [Victorian Fantasy]
Kaiser’s Gate [Historical Fantasy (WWI)]
Sherwood [Low Fantasy]

Daring Entertainment
G.E.T. Into Action [Modern Action]
Hellbrood [Superhero Horror]
War of the Dead [Zombie]

Dark Smile Games
Fae Nightmares [Modern Urban Fantasy]

Dog House Rules
Buckshots [Western]

Equipment Cards
NPC Cards
Setting / Adventure Supplements

Evil Beagle Games
Shaintar [Epic Fantasy]

Evil DM Productions
Legends of Steel [Sword & Sorcery]

Earthdawn [Epic Fantasy]

Four-in-Hand Games
Steamscapes [Historical Steampunk (Victorian)]

Streets of Bedlam [Neo-Noir]

Beasts & Barbarians [Sword & Sorcery]
Nemezis [Military Sci-Fi]
Peacekeepers [Superhero]
Savage Worlds (Polish)

Green Ronin Publishing
Freeport [Epic Fantasy]

Gun Metal Games
Interface Zero [Gothic Cyberpunk]
Totems of the Dead [Sword & Sorcery]

Hearthstone Games
Marchland [Modern Fantasy]

Jade Tower Studio
Sticks & Stones [Prehistoric Fantasy]

Kenzer & Company
Cones of Chinatown (Adventure) [Pulp]

Melior Via
Accursed [Dark Fantasy]

Misfit Studios
Fantasy Supplements

Modiphius Entertainment
Acthung! Cthulhu [Historical Action Horror (World War II|Cthulhu Mythos)]

Mutha Oith Creations
Low Life [Dark Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic]

Mystical Throne Entertainment
Ancient World [Dark Fantasy]
Faith & Demons: The Rising [Historical Fantasy Horror Mythology (Dark Ages)]
Judgement Day [Modern Fantasy Horror]
Mercenary Breed [Space Opera]
Mythos [Historical Mythology (Ancient Greece)]
Oneironaut [Modern Action Horror]
Savage Insider [Savage Worlds-Focused Magazine through Issue 10]
Ultimate Guides [Various]

Obatron Productions
Tunse’al [Fantasy Horror]
Savage Insider [Savage Worlds-Focused Magazine starting with Volume 2, Issue 1 – Summer (June 2014)]

Palewolf Publishing
Olympian Breed [Mythology, Divine Fantasy]

paNik Productions
Adventure Modules [Various]
R.E.A.C.T. [Modern Action]

Perpetual Motion Games
Exemplar [Historical Fantasy (Medieval)]

Phipps Studios
Winterweir [Dark Fantasy]

Pinnacle Entertainment Group
50 Fathoms [Pirate Epic Fantasy]
Deadlands [Historical Fantasy Horror Steampunk (Western)]
Deadlands Noir [Neo-Noir Fantasy Horror]
Evernight [Dark Fantasy]
Hell on Earth [Western Post-Apocalyptic Horror]
Necessary Evil [(Dark) Superhero]
Pirates of the Spanish Main [Pirates]
Rippers [Victorian Horror]
Slipstream [Pulp Sci-Fi]
(The Savage World of) Solomon Kane [Pulp Fantasy]
Space 1889 [Victorian Space Opera]
Tour of Darkness [Vietnam War Horror]
Weird Wars [WWII Horror]
Weird Wars: Rome [Historical Fantasy Horror (Ancient Rome)]

Plain Brown Wrapper Games
Bedlam City [Superhero]

Reality Blurs
Agents of Oblivion [Modern Horror Espionage]
Iron Dynasty [Asian Epic Fantasy Steampunk]
Old School Fantasy [Retro Fantasy]
Powers & Perils [Superhero]
Ravaged Earth [Pulp]
Realms of Cthulhu [Modern Horror]
RunePunk [Dark Fantasy Steampunk]

RPG Objects
Darwin’s World [Post-Apocalyptic]

Savage Mojo
Caladon Falls [Epic Fantasy]
Clockwork Dreams [Fantasy Steampunk]
Dogs of Hades [Greek Space Opera]
Dungeonlands [Epic Fantasy]
Millennium Knights [Modern Action Horror]
Noir Knights [Modern Fantasy, Film Noir]
Set Rising [Sci-Fi Fantasy Mythology]
Shanghai Vampocalypse [Gothic Cyberpunk]
Suzerain [Universal]

Scrying Eye Games
Welcome to Mortiston, USA [Zombie]

Silver Gryphon Games
Camp Wicakini [Modern Horror]
Wellstone City [Modern Action, Neo-Noir]
Zombacalypse [Zombie]

Hael [Epic Fantasy]
High-Space [Space Opera]

Studio 101
Savage Worlds (Russian)

Super Genius Games
Realms of Cthulhu (Licensed Adventures) [Modern Horror]
Strike Force 7 [Modern Action]

Third Eye Games
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. [Modern Fantasy Horror]

Triple Ace Games
All for One: Regime Diabolique [Historical Swashbuckler Fantasy Horror (Renaissance)]
Daring Tales of Adventure [Pulp]
Daring Tales of Chivalry [Medieval Fantasy]
Daring Tales of the Space Lanes [Pulp Sci-Fi]
Daring Tales of the Sprawl [Cyberpunk]
G-Men & Gangsters (Showdown) [Pulp]
Hellfrost [Epic Fantasy]
Necropolis 2350 [Military Sci-Fi Horror]
Sundered Skies [Dark Fantasy]
Wonderland No More [Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tale]

Vampjac Productions
Vampire Earth [Gothic Horror]

White Haired Man
Kith’takharos [Epic Fantasy]

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