About Us

Obatron Productions started as a role-playing game (RPG) company and now considers itself a company offering recreation for the mind and body. On the mind side, it offers its own RPG products and provides various related services to RPG and other companies. On the body side, it offers exercise classes and walking/running coaching locally in Monroe County, NY and through digital means for those who can’t attend in person.

Vickey and Bob Beaver, started Obatron Productions from a love of sharing their creativity. Between the two, they have decades of experience with technology, writing, editing, playing and GMing RPGs, creating RPG scenarios, and managing businesses.

Vickey regained her interest in exercise around 2010 and has been going strong ever since. She’s been a pace leader for a local running store, on their race team, an administrator for her own walking and running group, an instructor for Greece Central School District’s Continuing Education, and an instructor through Obatron Production’s Obatron Fitness.


For the Mind

For Consumers: Our goal is to offer affordable PDFs to jump-start your game or otherwise entertain you or make your life easier.

For Businesses: We endeavor to answer your writing, editing, layout, and related needs in a way that works within your budget and time constraints.

For the Body

We strive to offer opportunities to people who are either underserved or are searching for an approach like ours: making fitness fun and accessible.

Products and Services

We have three product and service lines for the mind: Tabletop, Obatron Fiction, and Express Lines. We have three revolving series tracks for the body: Indoor featuring small group classes for everything from stretching to body weight strength training to circuit training; Outdoor focusing on small group classes devoted to walking and running, whether for fitness only or to train for races from 5K to 50K; and Personal Coaching and Goal Getting where we offer remote and in-person training of the clients’ choice within our expertise.

For the Mind


RPG materials and and Savage Insider comprise our tabletop product line.

RPG Materials

Not everyone has the time or desire to figure out what to do for “this week’s” adventure. We want to take some of the work out of the process for you. Obatron Productions offers RPG supplements for background material and adventures for our original tribal fantasy world, Tunse’al, and supernatural fantasy world, Retribution. Both can be mined for use in other settings, regardless of system. Tunse’al rule books come in both Savage Worlds and systemless varieties. Retribution’s rule book is available only in Savage Worlds. Stand-alone items are typically geared toward Savage Worlds.

Materials for Savage Worlds require Savage Worlds rules while anything denoted as Systemless offers charts to help the industrious GM convey our intended difficulties and level of powers to whichever system he or she chooses.

Savage Insider

Savage Insider, formerly published by Mystical Throne Entertainment, is a magazine devoted to the RPG system, Savage Worlds. It contains a mix of so-called crunch and fluff, providing resources and ideas for game masters and players alike. Frequently featuring articles and other contributions by names you see in forums and even in credits of works by Pinnacle Entertainment Group and its licensees.

Obatron Fiction

Obatron Fiction features short stories and poetry to take you worlds away. Material is not necessarily related to a specific RPG setting, but it may lend itself to ideas for RPGs. The line is in development.

Express Lines

Express Lines offers personalized writing and editing services for many purposes. Whether you are looking for someone to write a niche article, need a reliable person on your own RPG product, want to surprise someone with a story written especially for them, or would love something crafted for your RPG character, we might just be able to help. We also offer layout services for those who have everything else handled, but want someone else to put it into a format for digital or print purposes.

Writing, editing, and layout services are available to RPG industry companies and others in a similar manner as temp services provide in broader business. We also edit for novelists and other writers. For example, our first non-RPG editing was for Jay Erickson.

For the Body

Obatron Fitness

Certified as a running coach and group exercise instructor, Vickey offers a variety of classes, all designed for a small number of people, including personal coaching. In-person classes are available at her private studio or offsite. Besides regularly scheduled offerings, she enjoys working with small groups for special occasions such as family gatherings and team building. Most of her clients are middle age to senior citizens, although she will teach youth 14+ accompanying a paying adult. See Obatron Fitness in the menu for class descriptions and testimonials.

Classes and coaching are designed to accommodate most fitness levels in an affordable manner. We believe fitness should be fun and accessible. To that end, we host a walking and running page for our local community, West Side Walkers and Runners, which features free weekly workouts, in addition to our paid offerings.