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Play in a world where technology is slow to advance, tribes are divided by great geographical expanses, trade is fraught with peril, dinosaur-like beasts inhabit all corners of the globe, and the very environment poses danger to your party.

Tunse’al is a tribal, fantasy setting with four playable races that are outside the norm. The swamp-dwelling Kresh are an amphibious, genderless race committed to ensuring their sacred land, The Wetlands, and as much of Tunse’al as they can protect is safe from greedy destruction. The cold-enduring, Gelid use their pathfinding ways throughout the long stretches of the Baarek Mountains to explore and make peace wherever possible. The towering, red-skinned, two-horned Korrin pursue all things with passion in their free-form society and jungle paradise of The Footlands. The thick-skinned, nomadic Gales with eyes resembling a snake’s wander The Drylands in search of desert gems, tar, and other commodities no one else would have any hope obtaining.

The Skin Eaters of The Dreamlands round out the dominant races, although they are only at the GM’s disposal. They are the treacherous, twisted cousins to the Kresh. In her madness, their creator, Sa’ra, decided to pay back her brothers for an earlier wrong, making the Skin Eaters dependent upon others’ skins in order to live. They are not mindless, but no tribe trusts them as historical attempts to have a respectable relationship have always ended in bloodshed. Then there is the prophecy that they will one day convert the Kresh to their cause to conquer the other Tunse’als in honor of Sa’ra’s predicted awakening. That hasn’t encouraged anyone to make alliances with the Kresh.

Other Details

Our debut product was Tunse’al Setting Guide, available at DriveThruRPG and at select conventions. It contains a complete look at the peoples of Tunse’al. You will find information about the lands, inhabitants, and environment that affect Tunse’al. The game material defines the playable races, details beasts of Tunse’al, and provides adventure ideas. As of October 21, 2012, we have been granted permission to release products under the Savage Worlds license by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators and producers of the award-winning Savage Worlds System. We will release Tunse’al products simultaneously in two formats, Savage Worlds and Systemless (also known as system agnostic or system independent).

Savage Worlds: Unlike many Savage Worlds products, this does not include a plot point campaign. It is a guide to create your own adventures with whatever modifications work for your table.


Systemless: We have written it so that it can be played using whatever system you wish. We’ve included tables to help give GMs an idea of how tough creatures, non-player characters (NPCs), and even whole situations or scenarios would be. The concept is they can look at the table and have an idea of where that would fit for the system they plan to use.


For example, if they were using Dungeons and Dragons, they might decide the situation is fitting for characters within the first three levels or that a beast might be best faced by those at level 16 or higher. If they were using GURPS, they might decide that a spell requires too much mana for the location the party is in.

Subsequently, we’ll release adventure supplements in a cycle so that GMs have the option of buying the adventure in four parts or as a whole. We are set up through DriveThruRPG.com and are investigating options for other online stores such as e23 and Paizo.com.

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