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Savage Insider

Savage Insider is focused on the Savage Worlds tabletop role-playing community. Quarterly issues frequently include contributions from SW licensees.

Current Issues

SI V3I2 Uprising Cover Savage Insider Uprising
SI V3I1 Endings and Beginnings Cover Savage Insider Endings and Beginnings
SI V2I2 Taking Action Cover Savage Insider, Autumn/Winter
SI V2I1 Rebirth and Reinvention Cover Savage Insider, Summer

Tunse’al Products

Tunse’al is not a stand-alone game. It is a tribal fantasy setting requiring the use of either the Savage Worlds rule book (SW:EX or SWD) for Savage Worlds play or a rule book from whatever other favorite system you have, in which case you’ll want products denoted as Systemless. To make best use of Tunse’al products, we recommend purchasing Tunse’al Setting Guide in your preferred version, Savage Worlds or Systemless.

Tunse’al products are available online via DriveThruRPG and its related sites, Paizo as well as in print at conventions we attend. Retailers may contact us directly for wholesale prices.

Savage Worlds

Tunseal Setting Guide Savage Worlds Tunse’al Setting Guide – Savage Worlds
Tunseal Players Guide SW 6x9 Front Cover Tunse’al Player’s Guide – Savage Worlds
Tunseal Quick Starts and Side Tracks SW Cover FRPGD sm Tunse’al Quick Starts and Side Tracks – Savage Worlds


Tunseal Setting Guide Systemles Cover Image Tunse’al Setting Guide – Systemless
Tunseal Players Guide SL 6x9 Front Cover Tunse’al Player’s Guide – Systemless
Tunseal QSST SL PDF Cover Tunse’al Quick Starts & Side Tracks – Systemless