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Savage Insider is focused on the Savage Worlds tabletop role-playing community. Issues frequently include contributions from SW licensees and occasional contributions from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of Savage Worlds.
PDFs released by Obatron Productions are available via DriveThruRPG.

For what you need to know in order to write or illustrate for Savage Insider, please look at the various pages pertaining to the submissions process, call for submissions,  pitch guidelines, and style guides for writers and artists under the Savage Insider tab at the top of the page.

Publication Cycle 2019
Summer PDF – June/July
Autumn PDF – October/November
Thanksgiving , Pay What You Want PDF – Thanksgiving Week
Winter PDF – December/January

2020 Goes to Bi-Monthly, Plus Bonus Issue
Winter PDF – February
Spring PDF – April
Late Spring/Early Summer PDF – June
Summer PDF – August
Autumn PDF – October
Pay What You Want Bonus PDF – November
Holiday PDF – December
Best of Volume 5 in PDF and Print – December

Issues Before Obatron Productions Became Its Publisher
The first ten “standard issues,” a “deluxe” issue, and five “premium” issues were published by Mystical Throne Entertainment. Those are listed below.

STANDARD ISSUES (1-9 are free)
Issue #1: Building the Savage Worlds Community
Issue #2: How the Dice Roll*
Issue #3: What Lurks in the Shadows
Issue #4: Shaking Things Up*
Issue #5: CONventional Gaming
Issue #6: Holidays and Havoc*
Issue #7: End of Days
Issue #8: Technology at the Table*
Issue #9: Tales of the Weird
Issue #10: Make It Epic

*Led by by Savage Insider Editor-in-Chief, Vickey A. Beaver, when she was the assistant editor to Aaron T. Huss.

Deluxe Issue #1

Premium Issue #1
Premium Issue #2
Premium Issue #3
Premium Issue #4
Premium Issue #5