Free RPG Day Kickstarter Backers

Thanks to the many backers for getting us to the finish line for funding our Free RPG Day plans! We can declare our Tunse’al Quick Starts and Side Tracks for Free RPG Day Kickstarter a success.

These are in alphabetical order by last name:

It is with gratitude that we list those who have backed our Kickstarter so far. These are in alphabetical order by last name:

  • James Alley
  • Denver Gamers Association
  • Erik Bauer
  • Shannon Bell
  • Dawn & Don Bennett
  • Clint and Jodi Black (Beautiful Brains Books and Games)
  • Marcus Burggraf
  • Christiana Dahlberg
  • Steve Dean
  • Phillipe Deville
  • Samuel Dillon
  • Jeffery DuBois
  • Flynnwd
  • Dark Smile Games
  • Andrew R. H. Girdwood
  • Chris Jahn
  • Paca Garcia Jaen
  • Sapper Joe
  • Adam Jung
  • Kato Katonian
  • Matthew Kovich
  • Steven Lord
  • Andrew M.
  • Flavio Mortarino
  • M. Quick
  • John Rudd
  • Kai Schiefer
  • Jeff Scifert
  • D. Early Stadler
  • Bill Stilson
  • Patrik Ström
  • Christopher Szewczyk
  • Carl Walter
  • Simon Ward
  • Che Webster