Artful Additions and More

I’m delighted to report that we’ve got progress on art and the behind the scenes areas of Obatron Productions.

We’ve got an official Obatron Productions, LLC bank account set up and a PayPal account to match. We’re thrilled to have a local credit union that works well with businesses of all sizes.

Our freelance artists wasted no time getting their heads around our loose art framework. We’ve seen sketches, ideas, and clarifying questions on the design briefs from four of them. What a great start! The ethereal dragon in flight, up-close Kresh face, and magic air ship look good and they’re just in the rough sketch stage. What’s all that about? They’re elements of Tunse’al RPG. The artists’ questions and suggestions on the world map and fairy folk have added to the story.

We now have some fae among the races. They just aren’t playable. Well, at least not as player characters. The game master gets to have all kinds of fun with them as non-player characters.

Our Tunse’al Master Guide is getting more and more complete. The energy behind this project just keeps building. To top it off, we saw the mocks of our Tunse’al logo from our freelance logo artist. Cool stuff. We’re just bursting at the seams with excitement.

In between everything else, we’re also planning our first three Tunse’al RPG releases. We’ll have the setting guide and two adventures. If we get the license we’re interested in, the adventures will show up as systemless and for a well-respected game system.

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