Nearing Tunse’al RPG Launch

We’re getting really close! We’re finalizing our Tunse’al Master Guide, the in-house document that drives everything we build for Tunse’al, the RPG. With that, we’ll also be able to finalize the setting guide and get that into layout.

Speaking of layout, while we’re still toying with the idea of page decorations, we have decided on the Tunse’al footer. Created from the script Svenja Liv designed for our Gelid race, a one-line image will show the page number at the bottom of the text.

We’ve also released a pre-launch supplement, A Cause to Die For, in Savage Insider, Issue 4: Shaking Things Up, a free, quarterly ezine for Savage Worlds. While we haven’t submitted our materials for licensing just yet, we took the opportunity to showcase how are systemless design can be used for Savage Worlds. All Tunse’al items are intended to be simultaneously released as systemless and Savage Worlds, if we are successful in our endeavor to become an Official Savage Worlds Licensee.

Our trailer and other marketing should be ready in the next week. After that, we’ll run a contest to win products before you can buy them. And then…THE LAUNCH!

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