Preview of Tunse’al Land Details

With five distinct Greater Tribes and even more regions of land, we have characterized many details of Tunse’al to allow the GM the broadest range of information to create scenarios or describe the environment in featured supplements. Here’s an example of a listing for The Extremities, a set of mountain ranges:

The plants are much like that of The Spine, but with berry bushes and creeping vines being more abundant. Fungus, ferns, vines, and moss enjoy the rich, shaded soil. There are fewer evergreen trees than deciduous ones. Some provide fruit or nuts. The a’kir tree bears a deceivingly similar fruit to the apple, both of which are found on the Footlands sides of Baarek’s legs. The tell-tale difference is the look of the core when cut. Where the apple looks as if it has a five-pointed star when cut in half width-wise, the a’kir fruit resembles no uniform shape and its seeds are a blackish purple instead of brownish black. Both come in various shades of red, yellow, and green. The a’kir is poisonous, and in severe cases can result in partial paralysis and death.

There are grasses and similar growths where there are some open spaces. Some plants yield fruits and vegetables during the summers and autumns such at the der’ist (juicy, round, brown, fist-size fruit with a sweet and sour taste), h’na (long, green pod that hangs from a tree with a bitter flavor), and myt’il (a leafy plant that can be eaten to relieve a cramped stomach or chewed to freshen breath).

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