More Tunse’al Land Previews


A few days ago, we posted a segment about the mountain ranges collectively known as The Extremities. Today, we feature a portion describing one important region within one portion of those ranges, Baarek’s Knee.


None of the peoples of the Great Tribes inhabit the land. The only beings that do are the animals and the fae. No one knows how large those populations are.

Land Use

Historically, it is believed that the First Peoples delved into the land, seeking its gleaming gems and metallic ores.


Once, before the people of today’s Tunse’al, the Gelids believe the First Peoples devised methods of extracting ore from the land to turn it into strong metals. They also believe that gems were added to the goods, often weapons or jewelry.



The Gelids theorize that the First Peoples had a tribal system similar to today’s Tunse’als. They have found evidence of tyee-style headdresses and markings on stone that resemble some of their own writing symbols.

Crime and Punishment

It is unclear what kind of crime or punishment there might have been when Baarek’s Knee was an inhabited region.  Some unburied bodies indicate scores of First Peoples hand been bound by links of the metal forged there.


Baarek’s Knee is a large region covering about 250 miles in both directions. When people speak of it, they are usually referring to what is most often thought of as a very compact village carved into the knee of Baarek by the First Peoples. The Gelids believe they died for having carved into Baarek’s body. Tunse’als universally feel it is against their gods to hurt the mountain. People avoid the region and stay clear of the carved area if they realize they have unwittingly in Baarek’s Knee. It haunted by the spirits of the dead race.

Because the association with harming their sleeping god, metals and any gems requiring digging into the mountain are taboo. Weapons and other items are studied, but kept in the highest parts of The Spine where they are protected. Using taboo items is an offense in all five Great Tribes. It is grounds for banishment or even death.

Stay tuned for more previews as we push to finish up the last three geographical areas in need of detailing. –Vickey

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