We Just Launched a Kickstarter Project!

We are happy to announce that we just launched our first Kickstarter project. Ahead of our debut release of Tunse’al Setting Guide, we’ve launched a Kickstarter called Tunse’al Quick Starts and Side Tracks for Free RPG Day.

You’ll be able to pledge at levels that allow you to get the PDF and print versions of Tunse’al Setting Guide (TSG) and Tunse’al Quick Starts and Side Tracks (TQSST). You even choose which format: Savage Worlds or systemless. The TSG is available to qualifying backers right after the close of the fundraiser. Everyone else has to wait for it to go live at DriveThruRPG and elsewhere on November 30.

Check out the Kickstarter and share it with everyone you think would be interested.

Your support is much appreciated!


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