Gen Con Recap

Wow! It’s hard to believe we’re running headlong into autumn. This year has flown by as we worked to fulfill our Kickstarter and prepare for Gen Con. We still have a couple of things left for the Kickstarter, one of which will be done today. However, Gen Con has come and gone.

We were part of the Indie Game Developer Network booth, #571. Shared with several other independent publishers, product space was well occupied and demo slots were spread around. We were fortunate to have such a great team of people who ran the sales and answered questions about everyone’s games, not just their own. While our actual sales weren’t stellar, they did exist! Such is the lot of those who are starting out in a niche within a niche: we have to build community one gamer, demo, and game at a time – but it’s worth it!

Tunse’al was well-received by those who demoed, excepting only two people who clearly weren’t into it and left. Given that we must have shown it to dozens of people, finding only two whose tastes didn’t run to a tribal fantasy RPG with non-human races really wasn’t bad at all.

We had one table out of six not show up at all for our ticketed games. While disappointing, it did afford us to demo Savage Worlds and Tunse’al to someone who was interested in seeing it after the game he was playing in wrapped up. We only found out later that the nice gentleman was one of the gnomes from Gnome Stew! (Thanks Troy Taylor for making my time at what would have been an empty table a worthwhile endeavor! –Vickey)

One of our last tables included three of the Rocky Mountain Savages who often GM and play at Denver Gamers Association‘s increasingly Savage cons, Tacticon and Genghis Con, as well as a Savage GM from TN. (It was great to FINALLY meet you, Chris Fuchs! –Vickey)

We missed getting to say “hi” to a bunch of other Savage GMs and licensees as without the traditional Savage Saturday Night, we were all wrapped up doing our own things. We hope SSN returns for 2014. We did manage to see Jodi Black from Pinnacle Entertainment Group (we know others were there, too, but didn’t get to chat since they were overrun with Savages buying stuff – yea, PEG!), Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, and Chris Birch of Modiphius (even if only at a distance when he accepted his ENnie for Achtung!Cthulhu and via e-mail during the show).

All in all it was a great show. Gen Con broke records AGAIN with over 49,000 unique attendees. We saw The Doubleclicks (really cook sister duo playing geeky music extremely well), played a lot of games (I figured out how to do an RPG demo of system and setting in 15 minutes or less!!! – Vickey), talked to a lot of wonderful people, and enjoyed the ENnies. Personally, we got to meet up with some great non-gaming friends who are close enough to Indy to visit when we’re around.

We also got to chat with a few folks who we met when we were doing some freelancing with Savage Mojo. Great people!

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