Retribution Live on Kickstarter

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Retribution, our supernatural fantasy setting for Savage Worlds, is now live on Kickstarter! In Retribution, death isn’t always the end. Check out the trailer and setting information today.


Retribution is a supernatural fantasy setting for Savage Worlds, requiring a copy of any edition of the Savage Worlds rulebook. With some patience and creativity, it can be converted to other systems.

Key Points of Interest

PCs can be any of the six primary races (human, elf, dwarf, orc, gnome, half-folk) or hybrids of them.
If a PC dies, there is a chance she will be transformed into a playable ghost (spirit).
Besides the general fighter, cleric, magic-user, and other, familiar character types, Retribution offers Edges and Hindrances to create specialized characters such as unjailers who work to free entities who have been bound to this plane unwillingly, necromancers who study mastery of the dead, exomancers who have the power to work with extraplaner beings, and others that add to the Retribution experience.
Necromancy is more than just animating skeletons or raising the dead as zombies, covering also medium arts, binding spirits, and working with other aspects of death.
Exomancy is much like necromancy, but applies only to those who come from beyond the mortal realm.

Play Possibilities

Venture across the sea from the original homelands to Agador to escape a troubled past; seek to restore your ancestral village, leading to any number of options; portray a group of ghost hunters who want to banish any who don’t belong; assemble a group to search for relics of bygone days; work the trade routes, protecting merchants and finding adventure; be part of the burgeoning Agador Guard, who keep out pirates, or at least keep them under control; quest to release trapped spirits or try extra-planer entities who mean harm; or become part of the new political structure satisfying your own interest in power.

Spread the Word to Unlock Rewards

Back the project and post about it in social media using the hashtag #RetributionRPG to see it trend. The more it does, the more Social Media Buzz rewards get unlocked.