Obatron Productions Launch

Launching Obatron Productions!

Welcome to Obatron Productions’ place on the web. Well, it’s one of our places. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

This is actually a pre-launch page more than a launch page. We’re putting together the land of Tunse’al. It’s a fantasy world unrelated to Earth. It offers extremes of climate, variances in technology based upon geography, atypical races, and societies built on a variety of interpretations of the land’s creation legend. In the coming weeks, we’ll post bits about some of the races. Not everything, though. After all, we want you to have a reason to buy from us!

And what is it you’ll have the chance to buy? World information and adventure supplements for your role-playing game table. We’re starting out with systemless offerings and have plans to convert those to at least one RPG system. We’ll reveal that once we have a license to do so. We’re likely to have some general fiction for sale, too.

Our goal is to offer affordable PDFs to jump-start your game. Not everyone has the time or desire to figure out what to do for “this week’s” adventure. We want to take some of the work out of the process for you. Prices will start at $1.99. We don’t dare put an end price as we’ve not a clue just how big of a PDF we might sell down the line. Who knows? There might be an enormous compilation in our future.

Thanks for reading!

Obatron Productions

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