Progress for Pre-Launch

In light of personal tragedies and travel plans, we’ve delayed our official launch until April 2012. In the meantime, we’re solidifying the back-end, finalizing content concepts, and moving to production.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting on our thumbs! Nope! We’ve been busy behind the scenes.

Tunse’al has two official music tracks by Artem Bank. You’ll get a listen of those once we are ready to engage our marketing campaign for the RPG line.

Obatron Productions has bought the WebAsyst suite to run all of the background business components powering the company. It’ll handle everything from newsletters to the shopping cart.

While we plan to use OneBookShelf’s array of sites for our products, as well as Paizo and Amazon, we wanted to have the ability to sell straight from our own shop. That move allows us a greater profit margin on items we sell direct, plus it gives us flexibility in dealing with physical items and bundling products that might not be available through a single other source.

To bolster security of any transactions through our site, we’ve purchased a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. We plan to use PayPal to handle our credit card needs, but we like having options and piece of mind. We figure our eventual customers will, too!

Keep a look out for more news in the coming weeks. Stop by our page on Facebook for any snippets too short to post here.

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