Latest Update

We really thought we would have had our first product out last week, but that just wasn’t to be. We want to get the launch right. We’re not willing to settle for “good enough.” We want the Tunse’al RPG debut to be something we are proud of and don’t say to folks, “Well, we were in a hurry, so we rushed it to get it out.” Instead, we’re opting for the fashionably late approach. At least that’s how we hope those few who know we planned to be ready in April will see it. Luckily, we were only doing a “soft opening” leading up to April.

As I write, I’m taking a brief break from what really is the last major developing in the master guide for Tunse’al. That’s the document we work from to drive all related products: the Tunse’al RPG Setting Guide and supplements, regardless of game system used to play. Once that is finalized, the next hurdle is in line. That would be laying out the actual setting guide. Following that, we’ve got the Pinnacle Entertainment Group licensing process. We hope to be able to sell two versions of Tunse’al: systemless, so you can play with any rules system you feel like converting it to, and Savage Worlds, one of the most popular non-Dungeons and Dragons, non-D20 systems out there.

There are some minor things we still need to do in after that to make the products available. We’re already set up for, but we’ve got others we want to use, too. Before we launch for sales, we plan to run a contest to award the setting guide as a contest prize and get it in the hands of some reviewers.

Wish us luck!

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