After Delays: Progress

As is the case in life more times than most of us probably would like, little bumps in the road can delay the journey you’re on. In our case, the journey to getting Tunse’al RPG launched has been delayed by more than two months. We’d planned to launch in April. Technically, we planned to launch in January, but a personal tragedy occurred the very next day from setting that date. So now, after redirecting to some more immediate, personal matters, we’re back on track!

Last night I ran another playtest, this time Part III of Caravan of Troubles, a Tunse’al supplement. An interesting thing when you don’t tell your friends that the setting they’ve been playing is your own creation? You get very candid feedback. And that’s one of the reasons we didn’t let them in on the deal immediately! I’ve run playtests with our gaming groups before. They are honest about their experiences. Sometimes brutally so. And when you can separate yourself from the feedback, that can be incredibly helpful. At the end of the night, one of our friends commented that he liked the system (I was running it in Savage Worlds, for which we hope to get a license) and he loved the setting. He thought it was really neat.

That did it! I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. While one of our players already knew (hey, when you start mucking about with a binary star system with a planet orbiting the pair and having its own three-body satellite system, you take advantage of having friends who are literally astrophysicists!), the rest had been in the dark. So with the positive declrations came a surge of energy driving me on to get more done than I thought I could do in the number of hours available.

Check back in the next couple of days for our trailer with custom-created music, depictions of Tunse’al by very talented artists, and a nutshell of what the world of Tunse’al is. It’ll be ready. This time nothing’s going to stop me!


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