Production Schedule as of August 2, 2012

Anyone familiar with the RPG industry knows that many publishers are loathe to display public production schedules. With that in mind, Obatron Productions asks that you take this schedule as a way to know what we are going to put out, not a promise as to when. ETA means Expected Time of Arrival. It’s when we expect the product to arrive for sale. It is not a promise that we won’t run into delays. With that said…here you go!

Title Description ETA
Tunse’al Setting Guide World background and character creation for Tunse’al. August 2012
Caravan of Troubles A Kresh elder has a vision that must be shared with the Gales on the opposite side of the continent. Time is of the essence as the Skin Eaters put a dangerous plot in motion. August 2012
Usiku River The tribes of Tunse’al have much lore and superstition. When your party is implored to find a youth who failed his rite of passage, they’ll discover not all the elders’ tales are just parables. October 2012
Edge of Destruction The most horrific fate a tribe can face is its destruction. The Ha’tu Tribe has been targeted and it is up to your party to put a stop to the efforts before it’s too late. November 2012
Journey through the Hall of Shadows Vledis, the great valley, possesses qualities so disconcerting that even the Skin Eaters avoid it. You are part of a mission charged with not only crossing into Vledis, but with surviving a journey through the Hall of Shadows. January 2013

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