The End is Nigh

Tunse’al Setting Guide writing is incredibly close to completion. With a few things besides editing left on my pre-layout to do list (solidify the text for general info on magic and related sub-sections, make some notations on the bestiary, fine-tune the third and final bipedal fae, make some adjustments to give tips on using Tunse’al Setting Guide with whatever system, and double-check that we didn’t skip over anything we meant to put in there), the end really is nigh.

How can I say that, you might wonder. Well, because this is what we’ve already gotten done:

  • History of the Gods (Story of the Gods, Inclinations of the Gods: Aspects, Symbols, Powers, Duties, Sins, and Trappings)
  • Lands (All ten prominent areas, including for each: physical location, climate, elevation, soil type, vegetation, animal life, population, land use, commerce, government, and description)
  • Life in Tunse’al (Baarek’s Grandchildren, detailing each of the five main races: Geographical Origin, Physical Characteristics, Special Racial Features, Racial Disposition Toward Magic, Materials & Weapons, and Culture & Lore; plus Cultural Rituals outlining the most popular forms of rituals for a set of specific events as they would occur in the lands of the playable races)
And now, for a snippet of how the descriptions work for the races…

Skin Eater (Sa’ra’s Children Born of Insanity)

They are not mindless monsters, but rather a villainous race who feed on the skin, and sometimes flesh, of the other races. The Skin Eaters share the same creator god as the Kresh, and as such have a similar look.

Geographical Origin

While the Skin Eaters travel throughout Tunse’al, their home is The Dreamlands. The mostly flat land sits beyond The Headlands.

Physical Characteristics

Resembling a grey-skinned, primitive version of the Kresh, Skin Eaters stand 5’5” to 6’. They are often bulkier than their cousins and have a ridge of bones along the top of their heads going down the center of their spines. Some have 1-3” spikes, rather than just a ridge. Their eyes don’t glow, but they do glint like reptiles’ eyes do. Their open mouths expose fangs as well as sharp teeth. Skin Eaters have males and females, neither of which have any hair.

However, there are some who look less fierce. When they are in hooded robes, with some effort, they can blend in with other races who often just presume they’re Kresh by their stature.

So you see, things are coming along. Thoroughly. And we hope you enjoy them!


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