Preliminary Layout

We’ve still working in the Word document of the Tunse’al manuscript for the preliminary layout. As we’ve reviewed the document, we’ve realized some things just weren’t where or how we wanted them to be.

As an example, the Bestiary & Fae section had been broken out by regions beasts occupied. That’s great, except it meant a lot of redundant information and wasn’t intuitive. No one wants to find bears in two different locations or saurs (our version of dinosaurs) in multiple locations unless there’s a good reason for it. We wanted people to know what was in which regions since the land is thousands of miles wide and long, but that wasn’t a good enough reason.

We’re now revising the format, using a chart to indicate what’s where so it’s at a glance, and then having it so you can look up the beast alphabetically. We’re trying to ensure we don’t make things needlessly complicated!


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