Creatures on the Prowl

Working through the preliminary layout, there are still some odds and ends we want to address before we release Tunse’al. To give you at taste of what we’re doing, here’s a sample of the kind of creature your party could encounter as it traipses across the land. The DR is a difficulty rating defined in the book. –Vickey

Eel, Electric Electric eels are strange, snake-like beings that lurk in murky streams and ponds. They largely feed on fish, birds, and small mammals. They have poor eyesight and locate prey by emitting a pulse underwater to guide them to unsuspecting beasts.

Their 8’ long, 45 pound bodies are cylindrical, starting from flattened heads. They are often dark green or gray on top with yellowish coloring underneath.

Bipedal deaths from electric eels don’t happen often. However, multiple shocks can cause people to stop breathing, their hearts to stop beating, or to become general stunned. That can result in drowning if people topple into the water and are too disoriented to right themselves. Most just get out of the water if they get shocked or if they think they might, but some feel they need to fight. Sometimes people eat the eels if they win. DR 1

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