You Hear the Whining of Something Behind You…

Who doesn’t love a good noise to jump-start character action? Here’s the creature behind that sound today.

Mosquito, Giant The size of a large adult’s hand, giant mosquitoes are not as benign as their smaller relatives. They are nearly as agile with thin bodies and adaptive flying patterns. They can be quite sneaky, undetectable even, as they plunge a sharply pointed tube into a victim’s skin, anesthetizing the surface so that the suctioning tube isn’t easily noticed.

Favoring large arteries, in less than a minute, it can take enough blood and pump in enough anesthetic to make a person dizzy for a couple of minutes. If the person reacts badly to the injection, it can cause feinting or a day-long coma. Furthermore, the wound results in tenderness, swelling, and itchiness for days. The puncture may become infected, if not treated. Giant mosquitoes have a 1:10 chance of carrying an infectious disease, which could be fatal over time. DR 1

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